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    Australia's largest Gold Producer ordered Polysius high pressure grinding roll POLYCOM

    October 29, 2010 

    Newcrest Mining Ltd, Australia's largest Gold producer, contracted Polysius Australia to supply a POLYCOM high pressure grinding roll for its Cadia East expansion project. The HPGR system will supplement the existing gold ore crushers and mills at Newcrest Cadia Hill Mine, in Orange, New South Wales.


    The POLYCOM will have a rated throughput of 2,650 tonnes of gold ore per hour. It is equipped with variable speed drives with a rated power of 2 x 2,800 kW.

    The Polysius high pressure grinding roll POLYCOM has very impressive credentials from its many years of application in production plants of the minerals industry. Gold ore is an extremely hard material that causes severe grinding element wear. It is therefore a significant advance that a new roll tyre concept introduced by Polysius has substantially improved service lives. Whereas it was formerly necessary to replace worn rolls with new ones, they can now be refurbished several times in Polysius service centers. This is a real money saver for our customers. Polysius already has service centers in Australia, Peru and South Africa. A fourth one is due to open soon in China.






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