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Cement for California.

Perhaps no other highway has been immortalized like this in literature, songs and various films ...

The Route 66 is not just a highway - it is a way of life, a cult - in short, it is a legend. The legendary 2,448-mile-long Route 66 runs from Chicago to Los Angeles ... and its final stretch passes through Oro Grande.

During the great gold rush, this settlement of fortune hunters and gold diggers was named »Oro Grande« after the largest mine there. That was the origin of today's city. The arrival of the railways gave rise to major changes and boosted the growth of the small desert town. Then major limestone deposits were found and in 1907 the first cement clinker was calcined in Oro Grande, with cotton used as fuel.

Nowadays it would be impossible to imagine Oro Grande without cement industry. Texas Industries Inc. (TXI), one of California's largest cement producers, is seated there. The vicinity of Los Angeles, the second largest city in the USA, is very advantageous for the location. As the existing cement production capacities were no longer sufficient, TXI decided to erect a new 6,000-stpd cement production line - a line, starting with raw material preparation, passing to clinker production, and ending with cement and coal grinding, which comprises a complete series of technical highlights.

At the end of 2007, the commissioning of this modern production line began - ushering in a new era in Oro Grande




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