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Tube mill for cement clinker and granulated blast furnace slag


Single-compartment or two-compartment separator mills are the types of tube mill used for cement clinker and granulated blast furnace slag grinding.

Single-compartment mill

The prereduced material components are fed in metered quantities to the single-compartment mill, and then dried and ground in the mill.

This mill is particularly suitable for grinding fine feed material and is often used for the secondary grinding of high-pressure grinding roll product (Combi, Hybrid, Finish grinding).

Two-compartment separator mill

This mill is suitable for grinding dry, brittle materials, such as cement clinker, granulated blast furnace slag, ore etc.. The two-compartment mill operates most economically if a separator is installed in the circuit. That particularly applies if the grinding plant is producing very fine products or products without oversize grains that have a negative effect on downstream process stages.

The heat introduced into the mill with the feed material and as a result of the grinding can be dissipated by injecting water into the two compartments.

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