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The new Polysius burner, POLFLAME®, incorporates numerous innovative, design ideas of ultramodern pyroprocessing technology. Depending on the process technological requirements, the burner is equipped for the traditional fuels such as coal, anthracite, oil, petroleum coke and natural gas or for the use of solid and liquid secondary fuels such as animal meal, dried sewage sludge, fluff etc.

The unique patented burner design assures a high and precisely adjustable supply of oxygen to the heart of the flame. This guarantees good ignition and burnout of the different fuels. The high degree of standard fuel substitution by secondary fuels permitted by the burner reflects these performance advantages.


The flame shape can be infinitely varied within broad limits during operation of the burner by means of the unique nozzle adjustment system. The design of the nozzle adjustment system and of the burner tip ensures that this adjustment functions reliably even after a lengthy period of operation.

The POLFLAME® burner permits optimum adjustment of the combustion to the respective fuels and product quality requirements. If desired, and if permitted by the product quality, it is therefore possible to achieve extremely low pollutant emission levels.


The innovative design of the new POLFLAME® is reflected in its outstanding process technological characteristics. The new Polysius burner convinces because of:

  • variable burner adjustment possibilities
  • complete combustion of the  different fuels within the clinkering zone
  • high rate of standard fuel substitution by secondary fuels
  • constant flame stability at different burner settings
  • easy operability
  • reproducible setting of the flame shape depending on kiln operating conditions and type of fuel
  • modular nozzle design


These advantages make the POLFLAME® burner highly interesting, not only for new plants but also for system replacements in the course of plant upgrades, either as an individual component or in combination with the POLYTRACK® clinker cooler.

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