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    Tangential blending silo


    The tangential blending silo consists of the silo shell, the distributing system, the inner cone, the aeration surface with the discharge systems, the central mixing chamber, the aeration system and the dust collection filter.

    The raw meal is fed into the silo through the distributing system. Compared to the conventional blending silo, the number of feeding arms has been increased and a central infeeding point has been installed. As the feeding arms are alternately activated by a control system, it is not possible for the coarser grain size fraction of the raw meal to permanently fall straight down onto the same point and form a pile of large-sized material. The special silo filling process thus already counteracts segregation of the raw meal.The new tangential blending silo has a unique aeration floor which covers almost the entire ring area at the bottom of the silo and thus ensures optimum aeration of the raw meal. The material can be fluidised and extracted at all points of the silo floor. The aeration floor is of modular and compact design and can therefore be simply, efficiently and thus cost-effectively installed.

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