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    Multi-cell silo

    The multi-cell silo, which is a combination of small silos, is particularly used in cases where the raw meal has a strong tendency to segregate (in response to the trend towards complex raw materials) and/or in processes demanding the homogenisation of small storage volumes (in response to the requirement for smaller raw meal silo capacities).


    The advantages of the multi-cell silo at a glance:

    A defined minimum blending effect is ensured, even in the case of very complex raw materials.

    The size of the individual silos ensures a constant mass flow.

    For maintenance purposes one silo can be taken out of the combination and inspected without affecting or even stopping the system operation.

    Any raw meal tonnages that differ greatly in quality (first cut of a blending bed, filter dust in mill bypass operation) can be filled into one silo and subsequently slowly proportioned into the main flow.

    If the capacity of the complete plant is increased, the raw meal capacity can be easily and cost-effectively raised by adding on further small silos.

    More Info:
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