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DOROL® roller mill


The DOROL® roller mill is equipped with two roller pair units. Designed to suit the specific requirements of each respective application it ensures the economical, reliable and energy-efficient grinding of:

  • hard coal, lignite, coke and sewage slurry
  • raw materials for the cement manufacturing process
  • clay, limestone, burnt lime, raw phosphate
  • granulated blast furnace slag, trass, pozzolana and
  • clinker for diverse cement grades.

This broad range of applications demonstrates that Polysius roller mills efficiently grind even materials that are have difficult grinding resistance, abrasiveness, moisture, granulometric composition and flow properties. The DOROL® roller mill is particularly effective for grinding to high product finenesses.


The DOROL® roller mill integrates three work operations in a single unit: drying, grinding and separating. The separator is thus an integral part of the machine and is therefore mounted directly on the mill housing. The grinding rollers are free to move vertically, compensating for metal loss due to wear and ensuring constant optimum contact between the grinding elements and the material being ground. Even in partial-load conditions the DOROL® therefore operates economically.

Our roller mills are designed for throughput rates of up to and above 600 tph and drive powers of up to 6,000 kW.

DOROL® roller mill for raw material grinding
for coal grinding
for granulated




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