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High-efficiency separator


he higher the demands placed on the quality of the ground material and the lower the desired energy requirement of the grinding process, the more important is the efficiency of the separator.

High availability, high selectivity, low specific energy consumption, simultaneous product separation, cooling and drying, short amortisation period and relatively low capital expenditure - these requirements are all met by the SEPOL® high-efficiency separator.
SEPOL® high-efficiency separators are installed in grinding plants equipped with tube mills, roller mills and high-pressure grinding rolls. The fact that over 500 SEPOL® separators are installed all around the world confirms the universal acceptance of this separator concept.
Also for plant conversions and modernisation projects with limited space conditions, the SEPOL® separator has proven an ideal solution, thanks to its modular design and flexible arrangement capability.

Depending on the application, three different versions are available: the SEPOL®-SV, the SEPOL®-LM and the SEPOL®-RM.

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