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QUADROPOL® Roller mill

Compared to the DOROL® roller mill, the newly developed QUADROPOL® roller mill can grind materials with higher abrasiveness. This is of particular significance for the grinding of certain ores causing low to medium wear rates, such as zinc and phosphate ores. When developing the QUADROPOL®, we placed particular importance on easy replacement of the grinding elements and wearing parts. High throughput rates and drive powers, smallest possible construction size and high availability are the characteristics of this new roller mill from Polysius.

The QUADROPOL® has 4 individual grinding rollers, whose bearing assemblies are located outside the grinding chamber, protected from dust and high temperatures. The convex geometry of the grinding roller, that proved superior in the classical double-roller-pair mill with regard to wear, has been retained. This geometry makes long service lives possible and provides a constant performance profile for both throughput and energy requirement throughout the entire lifetime of the grinding elements.

The compact QUADROPOL® is designed for drive powers of up to and above 6 MW while assuring high plant availability. With its automatic changeover from 4 to 2-roller operation, the mill provides flexible adaptation to production needs.

In addition, the mill has extremely maintenance-friendly design features.

For instance, the two opposite grinding rollers can be swung hydraulically out of the mill housing; the two roller units remaining in the mill then continue the grinding process.


Polysius roller mills integrate three work operations in a single unit: drying, grinding and separating.


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