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POLAB® APM Automatic sample preparation module


Manual sample input and tblet removal.


POLAB® APM - the most compact and flexible sample preparation module in the world - represents the accumulated knowhow of the POLAB® sample preparation system.



POLAB® APMplus - with tablet magazine.

Excellent sample preparation is one of the most important prerequisites for quality assurance in the primary industry and in many other industrial sectors. Wherever spectrometer and diffractometer analyses have to provide vital information about the material quality or the quality of a production process, reliable sample preparation is indispensable - and POLAB® APM is synonymous for reliability.

The POLAB® APM is ideal for both the routine work of a production process and for research and/or special applications (such as Rietveld).

POLAB® APMplus Robot - the solution for integration into third-party automation systems.


"Full" automation from the sample feeding to the analysis result ...




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