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Aerofall mill as autogenus and semi-autogenous mill


Flowsheet of a grinding plant with AEROFALL mill


An AEROFALL mill for ore grinding by the semiautogenous process

The AEROFALL mill can be used for drying and grinding materials that tend to cake onto the equipment and have bad conveying and handling properties. Depending on the mill diameter, it can accept ores with lump sizes of up to and exceeding 300 mm and with moisture contents of up to 20%. The operating problems commonly encountered when using crushers do not occur in an AEROFALL system.


In the case of the semiautogenous mill, the comminution process is aided by a small grinding media charge.


The diameter : length ratio of AEROFALL mills is 4 to 4.5; the ball charge can be up to 12 %. The material is discharged pneumatically and the finished material is collected in a filter or in a tailings separator and cyclones. Mill throughput rates can reach 1000 tph and more.


Depending on the respective application, an AEROFALL mill can also be operated in conjunction with a tube mill.

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